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Our Story

Simple. Clean. Flavorful.

Nosh is the brainchild of former Industrial Designer Jun Insisiengmay and his brother, restaurant owner Meno Insisiengmay.  The pair quickly got to work adding playful twists on momma Insisiengmay's family recipes.   "When the soup comes out of the kitchen it is just so aromatic and reminds me of home and of my childhood," says Jun.  

Starting off with just beer and wine, the approval to sell liquor came in December of 2019.  But the duo isn't done just yet.  "We have big plans for the community in Cocoa Beach," explains Meno.  


Jun Insisiengmay


"Good food makes people smile."

After twenty plus years in the corporate world designing commercial kitchen equipment, Jun decided to make the move to Florida and join forces with his brother to create a place where people could eat, drink, and socialize.  

He purchased an existing eatery, Thai Fuku, in January of 2019 and completely renovated the aging space.  He worked tirelessly with his team to personally improve every inch of the 2500 square foot dining area.  Within that space he also added an additional restroom and full bar with seating for 16. His beautifully modern, clean design blends perfectly into the famous Cocoa Beach landscape.

"Owning my own restaurant and bar has been a lifelong dream for me.  Getting to do it with my brother in the most beautiful beach town in Florida is just an added bonus."  


Meno Insisiengmay


"What motivates me isn't the money - it's the passion and YOU."

Armed with years of experience in the restaurant business, Meno jumped at the chance to open a new style of eatery when his brother finally made the move to Cocoa Beach.  "I wanted to do something different," explained Meno.  His creativity in the kitchen sparked new twists on family favorites in their appetizers, soups, and entrees.

Meno and his wife Kari are raising three beautiful children.  As a Freedom 7 family, the Insisiengmay's have strong ties to the local Cocoa Beach community.  "As small business owners, we strive to meet the needs of the community we are so lucky to be a part of," says Meno.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, Nosh was honored to provide meals to first responders such as hospital employees, firefighters, and the staff at Blue Origin. 

Floor Manager

Kitchen Manager

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